Cool podcasts produced by Malaysians that you should subscribe

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Did you know that our fellow Malaysians have been producing pretty cool podcast that is worth listening?

Anyway, for those who are new with podcast; it is an audio programme that users or subscribers can listen to. It is a series of audio content focused on a particular theme or topic.

The Takeaway Table Show

From the minds behind the YouTube channel; The Ming Thing, we bring to you table talk sessions of The Takeaway Table Show, where we sit down and get real with the thing called life! Join us as we discuss about topics ranging from business, social media, adulting, life, music, and share about things that we love and are passionate about here in sunny ol’ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Listen to The Takeaway Table Show here.

Mamak Sessions

Hosted by Jin Lim, or better known as Jinnyboy, one of Malaysia’s most successful Youtuber. Jinnyboy and his guests regularly discusses about what is happening in Malaysia and around them.

Listen to the Mamak Session’s at Spotify here.

Hello, Hello, Kopi Ke Milo?

This podcast uses a fun way to lift up one’s spirits and moods, while teaching their listeners the ups and downs of life in career and business.


Coming from the background of an independent radio station, BFM have expanded themselves into podcasting. They are producing a series of podcasts that is worth listening and learning from. If you’re into business, entrepreneurship and current issues, do not miss them out.

Check them out at Spotify here.

What is your favourite local podcasts other than those listed here? Let us know!