Daulat: Malaysian political thriller film that you must watch

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Have you watched the movie Daulat yet?

Daulat is the latest political thriller film written and directed by Imran Sheik. The story is about a politician and her party plotting for a political comeback after losing the last general elections, and ready to do whatever it takes to win the elections.

It has captured the attention of the public when it was released on February 24, just after Malaysia experienced its own real-life political thriller, despite having no relations with the movie at all.

The Plot

The ruling political party MUNA has lost in the recent general election. Hassan, the party’s president employs Suri, a rising female politician as the party’s new deputy president. Suri decides to go all out to make sure that the party wins in the next general election, at all costs. Willing to pay any price, she and the team initiates an elaborate plan to attain power.

As part of her cunning strategy, Suri plots with her husband, Idrus and takes advantage of his position and power as the CEO of a national news company to create slander and propaganda against the rival party. A young journalist, Jasmin is involved as she becomes responsible for spreading this news. Jasmin feels obligated to play her part as she owes Idrus for her father’s life which later turns into a love affair. What happens next?

The Production

Produced by Lacuna Pictures, the film is a fictional story which was filmed in just 14 days and was released online and can be watched on Iflix for free and uncensored.

After the movie attain good feedback from Malaysians, the director, Imran Sheik has tweeted that he has begun writing the story for a sequel.

Daulat also features some of Malaysia’s best actors and actresses which includes Vanida Imran, Rashidi Ishak, Tony Eusoff, Jalaluddin Hassan and many more.

The movie itself resembles many political reality, and in fact the logo of the political party in the movie was used in reality as well.

The quotes in the post-credits scene might send you chills while pondering of our political world.

“Are you confused?

Are you frightened?

When a bad person becomes your leader?

As if the devil himself becomes the king.

You might be worried.

Will all these become reality?

But you actually accept that only the ruthless will be in power.

This is not a guideline on how to be a dictator.

But just a reminder to learn from the cunning ones.

You might think a leader must be kind,

but wherever you go, kind leaders will be mocked and overthrown.”

“To be evil or kind is not the right question.

To be effective of inefficient is the right inquisition.

Effectiveness is just an apparatus.

You can either be effectively kind or effectively malicious.

Kind leader need to learn from the ruthless.

Learn from them and never put them out of sight.

I know you hate me regardless.

But deep down you know I’m right.”