Ideas to organize and decorate your desk

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Ideas to organize and decorate your desk to boost productivity

A well- organised and decorated desk is essential for effective working and studying. No matter if you’re having a study room or just simply a desk, you can transform it into a space that could inspire you and help you to feel motivated. Besides having a good chair and table, here are some ideas to organize and decorate your desk. Remember, the more you like your desk, the more you’ll enjoy working there.

Enjoy your favourite colours

Colour scheme for desk organisation and decoration

Decorate your desk with your favourite colour will make the space more inviting and cozy. If you like bright colours, you may go with red, green, yellow or blue accessories. If you’re a minimalist, you may pick white, grey, black, and even a touch of gold colour of decorative features for your table. Stick to a colour scheme so that your desk would be more organised. 

Move your desk near to natural light

Place your desk near to the window or natural light

Place your desk near to a window so that you have enough natural light. Natural light does not only help save on energy consumption but also help boost your mood and give you energy. You may choose a small desk lamp to light up your workspace as lighting aids you to work and study more effectively.

Include the correct accessories that could show off your personality

Marble accessories set on desk

No matter if you’re a maximalist or a minimalist, you may put some accessories on your desk that suit your personality and work needs, as well as will make you smile when you look at them. It can be anything, such as photos of your loved ones, small potted plants, letter art or something that you think looks really cool. Just make sure that your desk is not too cluttered.

Keep organised with sectioned trays

Sectioned tray for stationary on desk

Use sectioned trays for things that will be used multiple times throughout the day such as staplers, sticky notes, clips etc. You may also use trays to hold things that you’re currently working on especially those document, files, memos that could mess up your desk. Make sure to have the correct measurement so that it’s able to fit your desk and to handle all of your clutter. 

Have a good way to organise your cords

Cord organizer under the table

You may neatly roll and tuck away the cables for your charges and electronic devices even if they are under your desk. You may simply use twist ties or simple clips to keep the cables, cords and wires organised in one place. The level of organisation will melt your stress away. You may also purchase fun and creative cable organisers that suit your colour scheme and could express your personality. 

Hang a pinboard or a whiteboard

Pinboard and wire board for reminders or deco

Bulletin boards are not just for schools. A well-located pinboard can help you to stay organised by keeping important numbers and reminders within your eyesight. Besides, you may choose the right size of whiteboard to sit atop your desk. It is handy for brainstorming and practical for work and study functions too. Turn this pinboard or whiteboard to a vision board to inspire your creativity and keep you motivated too.

Hang a shelf over your desk

Shelves over the desk for organisation

Make sure you have enough space on your desk for you to work, hence. you may expand your workspace with floating shelves. With just a few taps of a hammer, you will create an extra room to keep your favourite photos, extra books and even technology devices neatly.  

Add a touch of greenery

A touch of greenery on desk

Include a small potted plant on your desk could create a calming and refreshing mindset. Choose your favourite small houseplant that is low-maintenance and doesn’t take up much space such as succulents. Adding greenery can boost productivity, spark creativity and reduce stress.    

Enjoy your favourite scents 

Reed diffuser on desk to boost productivity

Aromatherapy scents are scientifically proven to improve productivity. Scents are able to affect memory, concentration, sustained attention and cognitive function to improve productivity. The scents include rosemary, lemon, jasmine, citrus, cinnamon, peppermint, lavender and more. Different scents come with different functions. You may burn a scented candle, have essential oil diffuser or display diffuser reeds.

Lay an acrylic sheet over the top of your desk and slide pictures beneath it

Besides the wall, your decorations could go all over your table too. You may cover your desk with photos, scrapbook paper, magazine cut-outs, motivational quotes or anything else you love, then lay a pre-cut sheet of acrylic over the top of them. Hence, your design will show through and protected by the clear plastic.