Interesting Things To Do At Home During the MCO

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Being on the Movement Control Order (MCO) doesn’t have to be boring. There are plenty of productive and interesting things that you can do at home to pass the time.

  1. Read a good book or your favourite book
  2. Have a themed movie night
  3. Start journaling 
  4. Learn a new language
  5. Learn to cook or bake
  6. Reorganise your wardrobe
  7. Redecorate your house
  8. Spring clean your room or the whole house
  9. Meditate
  10. Practice yoga
  11. Workout at home
  12. Take an online course
  13. Play board games with your family
  14. Learn to play an instrument
  15. Write a novel or poems
  16. Do some gardening
  17. Look at old photo albums
  18. Take up knitting
  19. Start a blog or a YouTube Channel
  20. Listen to podcasts or start your own
  21. Have online karaoke session
  22. Have a virtual party with your friends online
  23. Do some arts and crafts
  24. Watch a motivational TED Talk
  25. Interact with your neighbours from over the fence or across the balconies
  26. Video call your long-distance friends and family
  27. Organise your smartphone and laptop
  28. Update your resume, CV, personal and professional accounts
  29. Turn your weaknesses into your strengths
  30. Do some goal setting

Give a try to some of the fun ideas and share your experience with us! Remember to stay at home, continue personal hygiene practices and maintain social distancing.