Local Malaysian Youtubers that you must watch.

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Staying at home and nothing to do? Watch some of the videos on Youtube locally produced by our fellow Malaysians. With the advancement of technology, and level playing field globally, our local friends have been doing pretty well on Youtube. Wanna catch some updates about them?

Jordan Yeoh Fitness

A fitness enthusiast, you just got to learn these workout from Jordan Yeoh’s Youtube videos. Or perhaps for those who admires good body shapes, this is one good one to go for.

Alieff Irfan

Alieff Irfan produces some fun videos for entertainment, and also some with life lessons.

Ling Big Yong

Watch how Ling Big Yong tells stories about reality in a fun way.

Nur Amira Syahira

Amira is a professional drummer, host, singer and actress in Malaysia. At a young age, she is already making her presence at the international level when she made it in the HitLikeAGirl contest and also in Youtube. What is interesting is that she begins to learn drumming through the internet.


Definitely not a stranger in this industry, he is one of the earliest Youtuber in Malaysia.

Jeff & Inthira

The husband & wife is popular for making fun prank videos for their followers.

Zukie Mohamad

Making parody videos, they are good at telling funny stories through their Youtube channel.

Cody Hong