Daulat: Malaysian political thriller film that you must watch

Daulat is the latest political thriller film written and directed by Imran Sheik. The story is about a politician and her party plotting for a political comeback after losing the last general elections, and ready to do whatever it takes to win the elections.

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Hygiene tips whether you are traveling or not.

Staying or traveling in the city means that the rate that we encountering other people are higher, which also means that the higher possibility that we are exposed with viruses and bacterias. As the World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) as pandemic, all of us should stay cautious and take steps to keep our hygiene clean.

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Kuala Lumpur city’s latest indoor activity park

Camp5, Asia’s premier climbing gym operator, have recently opened BEAST PARK, a new activity park in Kuala Lumpur that is aimed at not only providing climbing and adventure sports facilities but also at being becoming a social and community space.

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Amazing Drone Shots in Kuala Lumpur city

The invention of drones have allowed all of us to have a bird’s eye view of our city. The urbanites in Kuala Lumpur definitely did not miss the opportunity to show us the beauty of our city using drones.

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