Art Galleries to Visit in Kuala Lumpur

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Art Galleries to Visit in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is definitely more than a shopping destination. No matter if you’re an art enthusiast or simply just to visit during your leisure time, these art galleries in Kuala Lumpur are worth a visit. You can immerse yourself in the arts presented by both local and international artists.

  1. National Art Gallery (Balai Seni Negara) (
Malaysia National Art Gallery
Image source

National Art Gallery is the country’s official venue for art exhibitions and workshops. It has no permanent collections. But, it preserves and conserves local artwork as well as owning over 3600 pieces of art. Besides, it also features experimental works.

  1. Ilham Gallery (
Ilham Gallery, Kuala Lumpur

Ilham Gallery presents a diverse range of exhibitions and educational public programmes. This gallery focuses on the development and understanding of Malaysian modern and contemporary art within a regional and global context. Meanwhile, you can also find notable pieces from Southeast Asian regions and internationally.

  1. Wei-Ling Gallery (
Wei-Ling Gallery, Kuala Lumpur

Wei-Ling Gallery is one of the leading commercial galleries in KL. It is the largest commercial gallery in Malaysia by having two art spaces. It represents prominent Malaysian contemporary artists. Furthermore, it also has contributed significantly to the development of Malaysia’s contemporary art scene for over a decade.

  1. Richard Koh Fine Art (
Richard Koh Fine Art, Kuala Lumpur

Richard Koh Fine Art is a private art gallery where appointments are needed for visiting. It features many international names focusing on more contemporary works. It aims to promote Southeast Asian contemporary art both locally and internationally with the spaces in KL, Bangkok and Singapore. Besides having regular exhibitions, print and digital publications, it also collaborates with other galleries to showcase the art.

  1. A+ Works of Art (

A+ Works of Art is a contemporary art gallery that focuses on Malaysian and Southeast Asian art. For instance, the exhibit arts include painting, performance, drawing, sculpture, new media art, photography, video, and installation. In addition, it is a platform that welcomes global conversations on social issues, alternative perspectives and experimentations.

  1. Taksu Kuala Lumpur
Taksu Kuala Lumpur

Taksu Kuala Lumpur is a small but punchy art gallery. It is known for hosting “Locals Only!” exhibitions from time to time. In other words, it emphasizes only displaying – you guessed it – local artists’ works.

  1. Galeri Chandan
Galeri Chandan, Kuala Lumpur

Galeri Chandan is a unique multidisciplinary art, design and project management group. It is a focus of excellence in culture, architecture, arts and crafts. Besides promoting art shows, it also offers conducive space for artists and artistic events.

  1. Shalini Ganendra Fine Art Advisory (
Exterior of Shalini Ganendra Fine Art Advisory

Shalini Ganendra Fine Art Advisory uses a holistic approach to art representation and expertise in Asian contemporary art. Other than an art gallery, it’s also an advisory organisation with services ranging from collection management and negotiating terms and developing cultural projects

  1. OUR ArtProjects (
OUR ArtProjects, Kuala Lumpur

OUR ArtProjects is founded as an arts consultancy and projects platform. Its exhibition programme navigates through social-cultural issues, conceptual experimentation and political commentary.

  1. Vallette Gallery (
Vallette Gallery, Kuala Lumpur

Vallette Gallery represents Malaysian and international artists in paintings, sculptures, photography and art installations. This gallery also regularly conducts forums and events in order to bring communities and art lovers together.

  1. MAP @ Publika

MAP consists of two spaces, which are White Box (an exhibition space) and Black Box (a new media space). It is an arts and cultural platform that serves as a catalyst to explore contemporary ideas. So, it’s basically an event space suitable for art exhibitions.

  1. ZHAN (

ZHAN is a fresh new location for fresh artists. It is committed to showcase contemporary fine art from local and foreign artists. Furthermore, it is a great place for both fresh and seasoned artists to showcase their piece of works.

  1. R A Fine Arts (
R A Fine Arts, Kuala Lumpur

R A Fine Arts has been established as a consultancy based gallery to promote both modern and traditional visual art forms. This gallery provides advisory services and expertise for potential clients who may want to purchase and invest in the more serious visual art forms.

  1. G13 Gallery (

G13 Gallery showcases various artworks created by local and international artists. It is a meeting space for everyone involved in art. It aspires to develop synergy between artists locally and internationally. Hence, the gallery achieves this through cross-border collaborations, residences and exhibitions. 

  1. HOM Art Trans (
HOM Art Trans, Kuala Lumpur

HOM Art Trans is an independent art space. It consists of a gallery, an art archive and a studio with facilities. Moreover, it is an incubator of sorts, putting all the nuts and bolts in place to support young talents.