Info from Kuala Lumpur Structure Plan 2040 That Helps You Decide the Best Location For Your Home

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Ask anyone in the world about buying a house and they will tell you that location is the important factor when deciding on the property.

Investing in a living space is a long-term investment, and it is important to make the proper research on the properties that you are eyeing. Even if you are purchasing a house for investment purposes, you will need to know whether how does the future development affect your property prices.

A person who are looking forward to buy a new house can look into the city’s planning document. Any modern city would have a proper plan drafted, tabled and gazetted which is a basic guideline to the development of the city.

As our current Kuala Lumpur’s Structure Plan expires in 2020, the City Hall has tabled a new structure plan which will oversee the strategic development of our city for the next 20 years.

Looking and understanding the Kuala Lumpur Structure Plan 2040 will give you a basic idea of what is planned ahead for the city.

What should we take note from the document that would help us to decide which property should we buy?

Is there an other residential zones in the area? The amount and type of housing developments will determine the density of that specific area. Density will also affects the property price of the future. Besides, a housing area which is too densely populated will bring an impact to the traffic too.

Population Density
Places with lower density means lesser people that lives in that area which leads to a quieter and smoother traffic.
Affordable Housing Stock in Kuala Lumpur
Regeneration of Old Housing Areas
Do not neglect or ignore old established housing areas, they might get a regeneration that will make the location better. if you are already currently living in that area, perhaps it is time to invest to renovate your home.

Is there any current or planned industrial zones? Nobody wants to live next to an industrial area. It causes pollution, noise and affects your livelihood.

Kuala Lumpur Structure Plan 2040

Is it near to the business and financial district? Usually the properties in the business and financial district will have higher potential of price hike due to its proximity to various amenities and offices.

Kuala Lumpur Structure Plan
Expanding the Kuala Lumpur Central Business District CBD
The City Hall has proposed to expand the boundary of the business and financial district.

What are the nearby facilities and amenities? Is the property near to a school, religious places, hospitals, clinics, police station, fire station and other community facilities.

Easy access to schools and educational institutions will save you a lot of time on the traffic if you have children. Staying near to the schools means you will have wake up much later and you can sleep more.

Nearby hospitals, clinics, police station and fire station will keep you safe and out of unnecessary worries. You’ll never know when you need it until you are faced with dangers and hazards.

Distribution of community facilities of Kuala Lumpur city
activation of parks and open spaces

What are the future plans for public transportation network? If your family relies on public transportation to move around the city, then this will be an important document to look at. If you are looking for good property investment, then you need to look into places which is convenient with a public transport.

existing and future public transportation network

Is the location of the property a disaster prone area? We are unable to predict any disaster that could happen, but we can at least avoid staying near places that are prone to it.

disaster risk management in Kuala Lumpur
We can check if that area is at a pollution risk due to the nearby industrial area or former landfill sites, or is it a location with urban heat island risk, landslide risk, or a flood-prone area.

How is the overall land usage distributed in the city? It generally gives you an idea how each piece of land will be used. You could be buying a home next to an empty land which could be a future factory if you don’t check.

Land use Kuala Lumpur

There could be other personal factors that influence your decision making which is related that you might find in the Kuala Lumpur Structure Plan 2040.

What are the plans for the cycling route if you are a cycling enthusiast?

What about the environment and green factor if you are a nature lover?

Is it near to malls and eateries if you are not the one who cooks at home?

How near is it to the jogging park if you are a running freak?

Overall, the document covers a general idea of how the city will be developed in large aspects and it doesn’t display information that are too detailed. If you need to know more, you will need to contact the Kuala Lumpur City Hall.