May Top 10 Instagram Photos of Kuala Lumpur City

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May 2020 top 10 Kuala Lumpur photos

It’s the time of the month again where we curate the top 10 photos from our Instagram accounts. As usual, there are way too many good photos from the Instagrammers, and we would like to feature so many of them. But it’s difficult for us to put all into one page, so we have to pick just 10 from each month.

There you go, the popular ones for the month of May 2020.


The night view of the city and the famous Twin Towers with the city lights.


The heart of the Muslims where they pray in Kuala Lumpur.


Another night view, from another angle, showing the newly built Saloma Link.


A beautiful shot of the nature from the sky. 32 shots taken in 40 minutes.


The park next to the Twin Towers, perhaps a place where everyone misses since the MCO.


A popular photography spot in the city, where features the word ‘Kuala Lumpur 2017’ in conjunction with the SEA Games that we have hosted.


A drone shot of the highways that shows the complexity of our city’s connection.

How high can the drone fly?


There you go, with the popular spot, with crowds this time.


Starry, starry night in the city.