Pretty Plant Shops Around Kuala Lumpur

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indoor house plants

Living in a city can be fulfilling with many of our expectations to be available there. More and bigger opportunities can be found in the city. Cities generally will have more entertainment, better activities and different types of people to meet up with.

But cities also bring negative impacts to our community. With rapid developments often happen in a city, more buildings means more trees and nature that will be destroyed.

As much as we love to have a modern and developed city, we must also play our part to balance up developments and sustainability. We might have limited space to plant big trees around the city, but we can always set up a little garden corner in our homes or offices.

There has been a growing interests of smaller plants in the recent years. We have curated a list of urban plant sellers from Kuala Lumpur and nearby cities.

Pulpy Garden

Pokok Segak

Ashe Succulent Garden




Dedaun Malaysia


Plant and Pot Studio

Ficus & Jars